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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Elements of Fine Catering

The past few years has seen a phenomenal rise in catering agencies all across the world. While the service is now new, the trend of this service being offered in a highly professional format has begun just recently.
However, the actual percentage of catering agencies that know their trade well is yet a minority. There are specific aspects of fine catering that set the professional agencies apart from the run-of-the-mill ones.
Expertise: Catering being a highly specialized domain, it is imperative that the people leading it have the requisite expertise about the food and hospitality business. While even a layman may be able to appreciate good taste, yet it takes the mind of a seasoned professional to understand the subtle nuances that create that fine taste. Everything else notwithstanding, it is the quality and taste of the food that is central to the business of catering. Taste is something that lingers on for a long time and creates a fond remembrance of the event among the guests. More often than not, behind every successful catering agency is an experienced food and hospitality professional who has invested his skill and knowledge into the business.
Cuisine: The element of food being central to the business of catering, it is essential that the agency offers a wide variety of cuisines. Global boundaries are diminishing fast and people like to experiment with a wide variety of cuisines. The richness and diversity of cuisines offered can go a long way in enhancing the business prospects of a catering agency. In fact, research indicates that people appreciate food through a combination of senses such as sight, smell and touch, and not just taste. And this understanding can come only from a team of seasoned chefs.
Service: It is the service staff including the stewards and bartenders that actually completes the loop to deliver the final stroke of an efficient catering agency. Professional and courteous service staff is among the greatest assets of a catering agency. This is one aspect that can play a major part in enhancing the pleasurable experience of any event. The best stewards and bartenders are known from their uniform, presentable appearance and the quality of their smile. In fact, most professional agencies depute a Guest Relationship Manager who ensures that all aspects of the event go smoothly and the guests go satisfied. Needless to say, the Guest Relationship Manager has to be a person with exceptional soft skills and presentable personality.